A comparison of the book and movie version of carrie

Moreover, whereas semi-catatonic Spacek barely registers the death of Tommy Ross, Moretz reacts to it, making her subsequent behaviour less the mechanical response of a traumatised victim than a calculated act of vengeance.

Played by a brilliantly wide-eyed Sissy Spacek, this Carrie is just as apprehensive about her burgeoning psychic abilities as we are. Cohen and directed by Brian De Palma. You get a big, fat, red F. A watered-down, no-guts portrayal of an awesome character who, alongside the depiction of Carrie as a victim of a power she cannot control, actively subverts the whole point of the narrative.

It is sooooooooo bad, and the depiction of Carrie here is most definitely a part of its awfulness. Carrie IS a monster! Will she become another Carrie when she gets older? Carrie displays every negative trait an outcast could have, and she is mercilessly bullied by her classmates from grammar school onward: Though Carrie is indeed a work of fiction, the use of these devices gives the book a decidedly non-fiction feel, drawing the reader in as though the events actually happened.

Carrie gets upset and discovers something — she has telekinetic powers. Are things going to start looking up for her, finally?

Carrie eventually slaughters her tormentors and innocent bystanders indiscriminately, making her a monster, but at least we understand where that monster came from: At the end of the movie, Miss Honey is made principal.

To really have a discussion about this narrative and its adaptations, you need to have an understanding of the entire plot, from beginning to end. The hat and the hair dye. Long before Columbine, King warned us. Of course, being an adaptation, there were inevitable changes made from book to film for Carrie: The visual dichotomy of fragile, helpless Carrie and the vicious, blood-soaked vengeance demon that emerged from this shell of a girl says it all—THIS.

For example the opening sequence in the shower is almost dreamlike.Mar 09,  · What are some differences between the movie "Carrie" & the novel?

I have seen the movie a few times & I have only read part of the book & there are MANY already like Carrie being fat & ugly in the book as opposed to having a slender & "plain jane" look in the film?Status: Resolved. While King's book was set inthis Carrie is set in a modern-day small town, perhaps to help set it apart from its s movie predecessor.

For the most part, this leap of thirty-four years makes for superficial differences, like pop culture references to Tim Tebow and Dancing with the Stars, or Carrie researching her abilities by using the internet to search for info on "magic powers" and telekinesis. The structure stays the same, but by using a little modernization, additional character details and new scenes here and there, Peirce essentially recreates the same experience while trying to make it her own (read our Carrie remake review).

The new Carrie film, starring Chloe Moretz, is a pale copy of the classic s horror movie. Anne Billson spots the differences between the two versions Actress Chloe Moretz pictured in a scene from the remake of Carrie. Aug 07,  · Book vs. Movie: Carrie. Posted in Book vs Movie by thepunktheory.

Summing up I can only say that it’s worth reading the book and watching the movie.

Carrie: 11 Big Differences Between The Book And Movie

Each version highlight different aspect of the story and therefore give different pictures of the same plot. However, Sissy Spacek is absolutely brilliant. In the book her high schools name is Ewen Consolidated High School, in the movie the name of her school is Bates high school The book is based on police reports and different reports having to do with Carrie, the movie has barely anything to do with the police it is just showing a certain time in her life.

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A comparison of the book and movie version of carrie
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