Community college vs 4 year college essay

It went over the basic differences of cost, how the work level was, the differences in living conditions, and the type of teachers.

Comparative Essay on Two-Year vs. Four-Year Colleges

They already work hard to pay for my tuition fees, and the least I could do is pay for my extra expenses such as gas. How to cite this page Choose cite format: More essays like this: One of the most important benefits to attending a community college is the financial savings.

These Associate of Arts degrees are extremely helpful when it comes to transferring or pursuing a higher education later on. It will also include the similarities between the both of them. What are the similarities of it?

A similar pattern has transpired in Colorado, where associate degree-holders like Tessa DeVore have landed starting salaries that more than twice earn back the cost of an education.

The Amount of work between schools seems to be the same, they both give out tests and projects that are just as hard and stressful as a community college project. I prefer to provide my own income rather than ask my parents for money. Almost all community colleges are cheaper than most four year colleges.

Through some people experiences and research, there are many benefits to attending a community college before university. Peters, Mark, and Douglas Belkin. Some schools are addressing the dilemma by developing programs that place an equal emphasis on technical skills and problem-solving proficiency.

Overall, in my own opinion, being a community-college student is not an easy thing even though we may sound effortless; we still face much more variety of issues on a daily basis.

Most encouragingly, the ROI for two and four-year degrees has been relatively equal for the past few decades. Community college programs offer Associate of Arts degrees.

Community College vs Four-Year College Essay

What is the differences between a Community college and a College? Students may decide to take only a couple of semesters to get a certificate in a certain field such as nursing, welding, or surgical technology.

This is a huge difference in price per semester hour. This short essay showed the differences and similarities of community college an college. They have smaller classes, and they are much more convenient than universities.

Furthermore, at community college the books are less expensive. Often times we hear negative opinions and comments about attending a community college instead of a university.

College 101

One of the differences is cost. This gives people time to either save up money, or see what they want to do before they go off into a four year college. When people go to college they normally have dorms on campus or live off campus. Which One is Right for You?

Some people pay thousands of dollars to attend a university, and after a year they were no closer to a degree than a community college student.

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Living on the other hand is a lot different, luckily at some community colleges as Northampton, have dorms where u can live on campus. As Congress makes budget cuts left and right, the following questions linger in the minds of many Americans: There are a number of different degrees available from four year universities; the options are far fewer at a community college.

Such differences can be seen in terms of finances, degree and environment. There are many differences between going to a university right after finishing high school and going to a community college for the first two years.

Whenever I get home from my morning classes, I clean the kitchen, take out the trash and run errands that need to be done.Community College vs Four-Year College Essay. A+. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. my car is a V6 engine and takes about 2 gallons of gas back and forth Bergen Community College.

Unlike four-year colleges, they have onsite dorms that are centered on their main building for an easier access to their school. We will write a. This essay will discuss differences between community college and College. It will also include the similarities between the both of them.

This will cover from the costs, teachers, living, amount of work, when your are in college. The advantage of a community college is the cost, convenience, and instruction that cannot be match at a four-year college level. The most obvious reason that students attend community college is for the financial advantage.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Community College Vs. 4 Year Uni" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. A two-year community college will get you an associate degree and will facilitate the completion of general education requirements of most 4-year colleges and universities.

The subjects included in general education are college-level math, reading and writing, social sciences, and science.

Okay, not super cheap, but it's cheap compared to the costs of a four-year college, which can get super pricey (some are over $60, a year). Most people tend to live at home when attending community colleges, so the easy commute can help you save big bucks on room and board as well.

Community college vs 4 year college essay
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