Connected data and immixgroup s private cloud

The private sector will need to share its expertise on the proper cybersecurity protocols and technologies. Connecting transportation is more than just connecting us to the system, it also includes linking the transportation networks to themselves.

The NAS operating system includes comprehensive backup capabilities, as well as new user access management features. No more can train systems run independently of bus systems; they need to be integrated. Read More March 3, in Feature Private clouds are becoming a popular option for enterprises with governance and regulatory requirements.

3 ways to be part of smart transportation

How will sensors in cars and on roadways avoid cyberattacks? How can lane configurations be used to their advantage? States and regions are working collaboratively to build multi-modal transportation systems that allow users to see all available regional transportation options.

Read More June 9, in News Designed to allow IT organizations to focus more on applications and services than infrastructure, Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform is comprised of two product families, Nutanix Acropolis and Nutanix Prism Read More May 11, in News OpenStack users looking to increase their efficiencies in secure multi-tenancy may be able to take advantage of a partnership between Akanda Inc.

State and local governments are changing the way they approach their transportation infrastructure from a segmented collection of roads, trains and transit to an integrated, multi-modal approach that takes a holistic view.

There are many collaborative efforts underway to develop and refine connected and autonomous technology for our cars and roadways. State and local governments can benefit from a cloud-based infrastructure that allows them to share data seamlessly without the complicated back-end infrastructure.

Utilizing sensors already installed along roadways, state and local governments will be looking to IT companies for advice on the best ways to funnel as much traffic through their existing infrastructure as possible.

The Blue Box Cloud will soon be available on-premises. Integrating connected or autonomous vehicles: Read More April 2, in Feature In this article we will look at the private cloud and how to navigate the ocean of choices from a business and management perspective to give your efforts the best chance of success.

This information can then be turned into things like mobile applications that allow users to purchase tickets for buses and other transit through one streamlined application.

Localities will need analytics technology to make these decisions. This open space between the hardware infrastructure and the cloud service presentation is where Platform9 positions its SaaS solution.

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The company is also looking to expand its private cloud offerings with a new OpenStack distribution. Here are three ways state and local governments could be utilizing this data: This requires a great deal of datacompelling state and local governments to look to the private sector to develop technology that can collect, store, analyze and visualize that data.

This type of connection is predicated on data sharing. May 11, in News ZeroStack is a relatively new offering in the hybrid and private cloud space. Read More June 17, in News The private cloud in a box solution reduced the provisioning time even more than originally hoped; by providing hardware, administrator software, and connections to resources, a private cloud can be running in a matter of hours.

The LinkStation is a 4-bay unit, available as just an enclosure or with up to 16TB of included capacity. Read More March 8, in News The ZeroStand Cloud Platform combines the power and performance of hardware running in the datacenter with an interface and the ease-of-use expected in public cloud offerings.

Read More April 7, in Buying Guide Choosing the right private cloud solution is not an easy task.

Connected Data Partners, ImmixGroup To Bring File Sync And Share (FSS) To Government Agencies

Can one-way streets increase traffic mobility? States are connecting transit and working on multi-modal systems to facilitate easier and quicker commutes that efficiently move people and goods throughout a region. Bundling hardware appliances with a complete cloud software suite, ZeroStack partners will be positioned to deliver cloud services to their customers in hours instead of months.View a collection of Cloud Computing resources for government, including webinar recordings and videos.

Under terms of the agreement, the two companies will work together to deliver Connected Data’s Transporter, private cloud file sync and share (FSS) solutions to local, state and federal institutions across the country.

immixGroup’s Cloud Services help maintain the resilience and security of your systems, and make certain your IT systems perform more effectively and efficiently. Connected Data today announced that the company has signed a new North American distributor agreement with immixGroup, a recognized leader in the.

3 ways to be part of smart transportation. June 20, by Rachel Eckert Leave a State and local governments can benefit from a cloud-based infrastructure that allows them to share data seamlessly without the complicated back-end infrastructure.

Contact immixGroup’s Market Intelligence team to learn about specific programs and. Connected Data and ImmixGroup's Private Cloud File Sync and Share Solutions to the Government Sector.

Connected data and immixgroup s private cloud
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