Reteaching 5-4 writing a function rule pdf

When they are working, walk around and make sure that everyone is participating. Then have the students in their pairs pick their favorite TV show from the slide and write down their TV show and how much it cost to air during that time on their worksheet.

You may want to allow students to choose to use a table, rule, or equation, but eventually move students to using equations. So, if 8 were chosen for the input, then 10 would be the output. Ask students if they would like to eat each ingredient.

You could even give them stickers to put on to show they are the experts. Students will be in heterogeneous groups of 3 or 4. Keep in mind that any variable can and should be used, not just x and y each time. Have students write their equations for their cost of the commercial on their worksheet.

The relationship between the input and output is the key, however. The second student will then guess the function.

Students should become proficient at spotting the pattern, recognizing the rule, and creating an equation from that rule. The magic, of course, is the function rule.

Let a few of them try to stump the class. Therefore, an equation can be formed. Discuss with students the amount of time and possible money that will go into the cost of a commercial. Instructional Procedures Function-al Machine Teach students the basics of functions: Then have students first watch the commercial that is hyperlinked from the slide to YouTube.

Another skill that students need to master is the ability to change an equation back into a function table. After 3 guesses, if Student B has not guessed correctly, Student A will unveil their table, rule, or equation and explain it to Student B.

If correct, they switch. First look at the cost of making the commercial by view the three commercials from the hyperlink on the PowerPoint. Have students pair up.

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Lesson Plan Bell ringer is on the PowerPoint for students to complete at the beginning of the period on their weekly bell ringer sheet.

Writing Function Rules Lesson Objective Students will write a function rule for an IPod commercial using cost to air and cost to make the commerical. If x is 1 and y is 3, the coordinates will be 1,3.

They will work as a group to answer each question on the card: Have them brain storm with their partner what all goes into the cost of a commercial. The first card is the simplest, with each card becoming more difficult.

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Have the substitute in 0, 5 and 25 in for airing times x to see how much the commercial would cost on their worksheet.Math for College Readiness Course Number /IND. KEY TERMINOLOGY OF THE CURRICULUM MAP Represent Functions and rules and tables Represent functions as graphs Find slope and rate of change write linear equations in standard form.

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Prentice Hall Mathematics Algebra 1 © Correlated to: Alabama Course of Study: Mathematics (Grades ) ALABAMA COURSE OF STUDY: MATHEMATICS. Unit Circle Trigonometry Definitions of the Six Trigonometric Functions Notice that the formula x 22 2 += yr (the equation of the circle) is simply the Pythagorean 4.

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Review the properties of normal curves and the empirical or rule related to how data is position in a normal distribution. Then, distribute copies of the attached Normal Journal/Writing Prompts Of ?

4. Write a formula to determine the z-score for any value, x, in this data set. Problem 3 An experiment consists of flipping. Chapter 11 Sequences and Series Sequences and Series Make this Foldable to help you organize your notes.

Begin with one sheet of 11" by 17" paper and four sheets of notebook paper. reading, writing, recess, play, participation in sports, self help skills, student to acquire the next level of knowledge and skills by reteaching or extended teaching, modeling, teaching through multiple modes, use of manipulatives, use of organizers and study guides and/or peer Executive Function Disorder.

Reteaching 5-4 writing a function rule pdf
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