Take a stance cell phones and driving essay

One method used to do driving safer was the innovation of the hands-free earphone that goes in your ear. It is pertinent to mention that attention of driver distracted through cell phones means driving and communicating at the same time that increases threats to safety.

The next reason cell phone use should be illegal while driving is due to texting.

Take a Stance Cell Phones and Driving Essay Sample

And that texting while driving, using current technology, is incredibly dangerous. It is sad that it seems society has gone numb and is more focused on their personal comforts than to take a second look at the reasons why too many of these accidents occur in the first place.

Essay on using cell phones while driving Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving Cell phones were introduced in the United States market in the decade of and their usage instantly grew during next two decades. Gravelle, Some Benefits of Cell Phones during Driving Although, there are grave negative impacts of using cell phones during driving it is pertinent, for the sake of arguments, to present benefits also.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban

This causes not only a dangerous environment for the user, but also the other drivers around him or her. With so many possible distractions at the thenar of a drivers manus. This means that one in every four accidents is due to driving while on the phone.

To do this our government must take action to both add uniformity to the laws and punishments bestowed on the offenders. Therefore, we must carry it forever, not just when there are police near us, and it is that we put our lives at risk but will keep it.

Studies have shown the fact that breaking reaction time is also slower while talking on a cell phone during driving. The use of a cell phone while driving is extremely distracting and dangerous to the person behind the wheel, and everyone else on the road as well.

Of the 5, people killed last year due to distracted driving, the largest proportion of fatalities occurred among young people under the age of This causes non merely a unsafe environment for the user. In order to effectively diminish the amount of texting while driving deaths, it is necessary that the federal government pass legislation that will unify laws against and strengthen punishment for texting while driving.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. A national ban on texting while driving would aid in cutting this number down immediately. Even though cellular devices have made our lives easier, it is important to remember the danger that you put yourself, as well as others, in when you decide to answer that phone call or check that email.

On the basis of arguments presented in the paper, it can be concluded that despite an effective way of communication, using cell phones during driving distracts attention of driver increasing road safety concerns. Do non utilize your cell phone while driving. Drivers using cell phones are not able to give their complete attention on roads exposing not only themselves but also other people on the road.

Therefore, most of the governments, including Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, and different Asian as well as African countries, have imposed restriction on using cell phones during driving. Besides new laws against texting while driving, it is also vital that the government provide strong education programs thoroughly describing the dangers of all types of distracted driving, specifically focusing on texting.

Especially during bad weather or driving on slippery roads, drivers engage in conversation pay less attention to these areas increasing risks of fatal accidents. The perception, vision, general awareness, and concentration of the driver are impacted while communicating on a cell phone during driving.

Since it usually takes two hands to text, the drivers have no hands on the steering wheel. With the technological advances that cell phones have acquired over the years, it has become seemingly easier for a driver to lose focus on driving and turn to what seems like thousands of other tasks a modern day cell phone can perform.Cell Phones Are Dangerous English Language Essay.

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Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Published: 23rd March, Cell phones are potentially dangerous when people tend to talk on their cell phones while driving and by doing so; it creates a greater risk of getting into an accident.

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The Use of Cell Phone While Driving Essay Sample

Take a look at what our essay writing service. The Use of Cell Phone While Driving Essay Sample. Introduction: As set out in the traffic law, not only in our country but in many countries it is prohibited from using cell.

An argument essay on use of cell phones while driving exploring both sides of the argument. Cell phones while driving essaysThe use of cellular phones has spread like wild fire in the last ten years. It has become a part of everyday life for many American citizens, and a good number of people depend on them to carry out daily operations.

Unfortunately, many of these daily operations occu. Take a Stance Cell Phones and Driving Essay Sample. Over the past several years, with much technological advancement, the use of cell phones while driving has become a major problem on the roads universally.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban. the United States government much take a stronger stance and pass legislation that unifies texting while driving laws and punishments, as well as installing much more education about the dangers of texting behind the wheel to convey the much needed message to the future drivers of the United States.

Take a stance cell phones and driving essay
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